Friday, August 3, 2012

WHat Would Jude Say?

When I say something about God's grace and forgiveness, mercy, liberal extremists think YES he's on our team baby! and when I stand up for what's right and pure and good and holy-the other crowd is like yes, he's finally getting it right! And I'm just Where is the discernment to see the difference between knowing what is right and what is wrong instead of  having an AGENDA. My only agenda is the truth. I'm not in any camp. But some people just cannot imagine that! I've been in that situation before matter of fact-it's kinda like when two friends get a divorce, you think you can be friends with both of them since you became friends with BOTH of them, but man o man, they just cannot accept that you aren't part of their war, so you know what happens? They BOTH attack you and you don't end up being friends with either.

Balance is Gone. People cannot think outside of the box of the little war/agenda that they are in. Our nation is falling to pieces before our eyes, but our politicians fight over the scraps because all they care about is their party and career. SPiritually we are all but destroyed but men still busy themselves arguing about theology and gossiping about each other. We're like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

We lack discernment, we lack a love for the truth instead of our egos

The Gospel itself is a story that is so full of HORROR and WONDER that it is paradoxical. The cross is gruesome, and heartbreaking and tragic-yet powerful and liberating and wondrous! The resurrection is glorious and relieving and victorious, but the three days before it full of fear and despair. The Gospel is the basis for our faith, and it is a mixture of mercy and truth. It isn't isn't two different Gospels, it's the WHOLE Gospel plus or minus nothing.

Some SHUN conviction and want entertainment while others shun joy and long for condemnation and both are equally foolish and the only answer is to repent, reject your lame, inflated opinion and follow after the SPIRIT OF GOD.

No program is gonna save you. No human teacher is gonna give you perfect doctrine. No discipline is going to stop your flesh from acting the fool. It is the SPIRIT of God that we need plus or minus NOTHING.

I am NOT impressed with the charisma of a preacher/teacher, I am not impressed with the program, the personality, the talents, the number, the technology, the book sales, the beautiful music. The world has ALL of these things. I am not impressed. WHat we need is the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD. and if our CHurches full of hypocrisy, ego, sin, entertainment AND condemnation are going to claim that we have not left the leading of the SPirit behind somewhere, I think we need to do some serious self-examination.

From the divisions and schisms in the body, to the flagrant sin, to the pharisaical leaving of our first love-all of this was predicted about us in the New Testament. Wake up!

Now get this and dont mesage or call me and try to see if im part of ur movement because im not part of anybody;s movement. I wanne be part of the movement of the Holy Ghost.

If you are so arrogant that you think the hope for revival is in "Our" Churches....THAT is exactly the problem. WIth our disgusting attitudes, I would look to hope towards some broken-hearted person in the loneliness of their own life to begin praying for revival then I would envision that our self-righteous, pontificating is going to bear fruit.

I find this ridiculous attitude in all of us-including myself, like some kind of disease. This attitude like no one else "Gets it" but "we" do, right? SOmeone may even be reading tis and thinking ahhh, he's finally getting it! No. No. No. No. if thatz how ur thinking than you think YOU lready have the big secret. But if we are so enightened s we think we are, then what is God doing in our lives? What fruit of the Spirit is abounding in your life? WHo is coming to know CHrist because of me today? Am I filled with the Spirit?

God's Word says I am supposed to be, yet most of the time I cannot seem to answer that question. Please don't get some kind of agenda out of reading this. Just turn your computer off and pray. That's what I gotta do.

Lord Jesus. Please. do what ONLY You can do. Please fill us with Your Spirit and set us straight. Thank You Lord Jesus Christ that YOU are the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

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