Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why I Speak Out About Obama

I'm not as excited about this blog as I usually would be because this has been something I've been explaining and re-explainging over n over again since 2008 BUT once it is written, every time someone gives me some sanctimonious speech about how I should shut up and not speak out because I'm a Christian, I will point them to this post rather than writing it over n over n over again.

If you saw someone in your presence beating a child to death, or abusing someone in any way, would you just sit there and pray or would you act? If someone broke into your house and was about to hurt your wife or children, would you have a seat and watch, or would you defend them? If you're answer is that you would sit there and just watch and wait for God to intervene then you know what, don't even bother continuing to read this because you're a fool. Period. You're the SAME ilk of person who justified the Holocaust in Germany. When good men do nothing in the face of evil-they aren't good men. You can't claim you are good if you're not against evil.

When I think about 60 million babies who have been brutally slaughtered, when I think about scores of Christians being abused and murdered by the Muslim Brotherhood in an Egyptian and Libyan Revolution that the President supported, when I think about lies and corruption that steals millions of hard-working American's dollars for government programs that are a sham---I Know that Barak Obama IS an evil man.

Some would then say, Yes Obama is evil, but God placed him in power and we're supposed to honor the king etc. But Obama is NOT a king. This is the USA, and as law-abiding Christians, the law we're responsible to is the Constitution not the whims of a would-be dictator who isn't even proven to be eligible for the office.

I post statuses, tweets, blogs, etc, that express the truth about wickedness and corruption in our present government. And people are constantly saying things like What Would Jesus Do? Well, good question-what would Jesus Do? How did Jesus react to the Pharisees? What did Jesus do when he saw dishonest, corrupt business people in the Temple? He wasn't exactly a peace activist when He flipped over those tables and drove people out with a whip!    And what did Jesus say about those who hurt His little ones (ABORTION) He said it were better that a millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea! Now, now, Jesus...You're being kinda harsh aren't you? You sound kind of judgmental, Jesus........

Jesus showed love and compassion to the hookers and the publicans etc. I don't disagree with that at all. I am all about the love, and the compassion and the mercy and the charity. I am not a mean person, if you'd get to know me instead of demonizing me because of my political convictions you'd know that. But saying I am mean because I speak the truth about a wicked, lying, baby-killing maniac---is like saying a father who defends his kid from a home-invader is violent. It's like saying someone who stands up against abuse is a bully. It's an oxy-moron. It's foolish.

Think of all the Christians and Israelis and unborn children that have been abused, murdered, mutilated and executed because of these disgusting politics---and you're worried about my mean-spirited fb status? Get your head out of the sand!

We Christians are on the run because we've fallen for the propaganda of the liberal mass media. They always try to make us sound like we're evil, but Christian Americans are building hospitals, homes, missions, Charities, and food banks....we're not funding abortion clinics but adoption agencies. We're the GOOD GUYS!

Stop Falling for the Propaganda!

Example-a bunch of old people get together and wave flags and sing patriotic songs, (Tea Partiers).  And the media claims these old patriotic folks are dangerous extremists??????????

Meanwhile, the Occupy Wall Street Movement is a bunch of anarchists, looting and trashing public property, defacating on American flags and breaking laws---and how does the media react? These are good people trying to bring reform and improvements to the Nation???? Face it, the media is crooked! And the problem in this country isn't evil, right-wing Christians and they're mean spirited statuses-the problem is left-wing, anti-God, pro-abortion fanatics trying to dominate our Country.

Now only should you stop criticizing people like me, but YOU should start speaking up for the truth too!

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