Friday, September 28, 2012

I DO Believe In Some Good Stuff

I'd rather spend my time thinking about good things than bad things, I'd rather smile than frown, I'd rather thank God for a beautiful morning than to dread the rising of the sun & complain. I'd rather imagine possibilities and set goals than predict doom, gloom and failure. It seems easier to be negative than positive, you have to be pro-active and not passive to focus on the good, but that is that path that I am going to choose. Some people suggest I have false hope, but frankly, I'd rather have false hope than no hope & I believe I can base my hope on good, solid facts. 

People all around you every day are quick to point out the things that are lacking and need improvement, but how many times do we purposely find the good things, think about the good things and talk about the good things? 

I am tired of being angry and tired of limiting myself for no good reason when I KNOW other people succeed all the time. I want to succeed. I plan on it. 

You will never regret giving God praise instead of complaining. You will never regret forcing yourself to smile or be friendly, and you will never regret counting your blessings and focusing on the character of our good God.

I know there are times when certain negative facts cannot/must not be ignored. That is fine. Everything needs balance. But there is no reason to constantly focus on the negative and bring yourself and your life into agreement with self-fulfilling prophecies.  

Being pro-active, being thankful, being positive, being strong and growing-doesn't happen by accident-you have to consciously and daily practice it. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Ask and ye shall receive also GIVE and ye shall receive. 

1. You have to feed your mind and heart with the correct things. You have to seek out the input, the influence, the media, books, Scripture and friends that you Need instead of feeding on negative things. Nurture your soul with good godly edification and positive friends, these changes might start small but they can change your life. 

It can often be as simple as reciting a Scripture to yourself or thanking God for the day the SECOND you wake up, it can be smiling and waving to someone instead of just being grumpy and in a hurry, it's the little things that change your day & it's days that make up your life. 

I've been practicing thanking God every morning, being more friendly and purposely cutting out negative conversation and replacing it with something encouraging. 

I'm not talking about corny, unrealistic, cheesy pretense-I'm talking about acknowledging the legitimately positive things in your life. You can find some-I promise. 

The Devil is a LIAR & so what he has in his arsenal is LIES. Therefore, CONSTANTLY remind yourself and repeat the TRUTH. The truth is good. The truth is liberating. The truth destroys lies. Resist the Devil. 

Always remember the love of God. God's love is constant and never-changing! God is good-all the time. 

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