Saturday, September 8, 2012

that scandalous Grace Gospel

Christ said "It is finished" yet many people preach all sorts of additives to the pure Gospel.

SOME people say that you have to get baptized or be a good person or join a Church to be saved

But others

tell you that your INTITIAL salvation is by grace and that's all well and good but you only grow and mature when you do YOUR PART.

They want you to take a "Do-More" pill that will make you more spiritual. But that IS by definition Religion. I'm not into religion. I'm into the Gospel.

The Apostle Paul faced so much controversy b/c he preached the GOSPEL and the Gospel is scandalous to religionists.

I believe that the BLOOD OF JESUS is total redemption. That it cleanses completely, redeems and JUSTIFIES> Justification doesn't ONLY make me innocent/forgiven it also makes me Righteous!

I am not called to follow Jesus' example.
I am called to be Jesus-by being One with Him. In Galations it says yet NOT I but CHRIST liveth in me.....I am one with Christ by His Holy shed blood. I didnt' just acknowledge a theological/doctrinal truth-no the new birth is a supernatural mystical union-something miraculous happened at the new birth. It is a reality not just an idea.

Sometimes we think some person or some preacher, someone we look up to-has reached this righteousness thru their own merits that we should hope to achieve some day. But that concept is more religious than of faith in the Gospel. When you're sealed by the Holy Ghost at the moment of your new birth, you are capable of the same 'closeness' with God and experiences of His power as anyone else.

You don't climb the ladder of spirituality thru discipline and character-building and spiritual activity and efforts. There's no ladder to climb-you crossed over that bridge at the Cross. You can do ANYTHING God asks you to do because HE is the One who empowers you!

Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace It is ALL in HIS SUFFICIENT Grace! As long as you depend on self and self-effort you will be disapointed. You just need to REST in the Grace of God. And that means spiritual rest, it doesn't mean you aren't busy on the adventure and fruit-bearing of the victorious Christian life-it means that you are at peace in your spirit and youre not rying to be something you're not you're being what you are-a child of the most High God!

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