Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Bible says that Christ died for the Church. He LOVES, passionately-not only you as an individual but us as an assembly of His people. The word Church means a called out assembly. We are called out and lead by the Spirit of God to be part of His Church and follow the mission that He has given to us. We should love the Church because Christ loves the Church and gave Himself for it. If we love Christ we will love what Christ loves.

If you are abiding in Jesus, you'll have the same affections that He does. So you will have a loyalty and a passion and a love for the house of God. God's House should be a priority for us. And the house is all of us temples of the Holy Ghost joined together, it is not a building but an assembly of God's people. God's children. 

God loves us more than we understand, and He wants us to love one another.

Did you know that the Church should be a place of healing? We ALL should be looking to restore and edify each other. It is not about criticizing each other, it's about applying the healing balm of friendship, prayer and encouragement. Your presence should make other people take courage and feel more hopeful. Be an encouragement. 

Did you know that words can bring life. Let the Spirit of God and the Word of God dwell in you and out of you will spring an overflow of Hope and Faith and glory to God. Come to Church with the attitude of Jesus Christ, to minister and not to be ministered unto and watch what the Lord does! 

Behold! How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity

A Christian family that comes together in Scriptural fellowship, service and worship is absolutely beautiful. There are few experiences more precious that singing from the heart with a sincere group of unified believers. 

It will do wonders for your heart, it will be like a clean, cold drink for your soul in the desert. 

Would to God that we would love each other, that we would have tender hearts of compassion and that we would have words and attitudes of hearty, heartfelt encouragement. 

Christians, in our weakness, we must rally around each other, support the hands of the feeble, lift each other up, protect each other, stop complaining and start loving and serving. 

Whoever may be reading this-people do love and care for you-and most importantly-God loves you so very much. Don't quit. Don't be lead astray. Keep the faith. 

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