Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Without being too graphic for the prudish, the moment of human conception is pretty much a miracle. It would not have happened without the Divine Engineering of our Creator. It is truly amazing how a human life starts with almost nothing...and becomes a Being made in the image of God. A being that can have dominion over the earth.

Have you ever stopped to consider that YOU were no accident? From your liver to your kidneys to your eye-balls-God meticulously designed you. You're a person because you are SUPPOSED to be. God knows you by your name. Not only does He show His wonderful care for you by being your Creator but He demonstrated His love for you by sending His only begotten Son to this earth to shed His blood to redeem you from sin! Can you imagine?! An infinite, amazing, beautiful, Holy, Righteous-Wondrous Creator--sent His OWN wonderful, Holy Son to show His love for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yet people have problems with their self-dignity, and discouragement and loneliness and depression? The only reason these problems plague humanity is because humanity is trapped by lies and deceit. Are you afraid? Well, God has given you the spirit of love and power and a sound mind. Not fear! Do you need something from your Lord? Well, how shall God who gave us His only begotten Son not also freely give us all things?!

Are you discouraged? Well, you don't need to listen to Satan and the world anymore. And if in your self-loathing religion you're afraid to be encouraged-here is a Bible verse to back it up-Be not weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not.  How about they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength!? How about be strong and of a good courage for the Lord thy God HE it is that doth go with thee! There is more in the Bible than JUST Lamentations and by the way- it's Lamentations that reminds us that the mercies of God are new every morning great is thy faithfulness!

YOU may think the Old testament God is angry and a bully and the New testament one is the nice one, but you aren't reading with your eyes open---isn't it the book of JONAH that says God is a God of mercy and compassion?! Sometimes you gotta' actually READ the Bible and realize the same God is God from genesis to Revelation and includes October 2012-we serve a GOOD God and He LOVES you! Trust Him. Serve Him. Love Him! Enjoy Him! Peace.

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