Thursday, October 4, 2012


You MAY have noticed that our society, and the world at large is in  bit of a bad state. Wars, riots, immorality, debate, and political upheaval, etc. In many ways it isnt as bad int he USA but our culture is in big trouble, the family especially and morality have been disintegrating in our Country. In light of this, if YOU find yourseld FOLLOWING the TRENDS of the majority, well, you may want to consider not being part of the majority. If our culture is headed in a negative direction & you wanna go in a positive direction than you might want to LEAVE the 90% and BE a Minority. Don't be afraid to be in the minority!

It's kind of human nature to assume if tons of people are doing something, that it is normal. We see other people doing something and without even thinking about it we follow suite. Monkey see, monkey do-lol

So if you want to live a great life-the life God wants you to live, you've gotta go ahead and swim AGAINS the currents and don't fall into the trends and attitudes of the people around you.

So often when I am alone, or with my wife or reading my Bible, I feel great & I feel like life makes clear sense, but when I ge around groups of people...I start 2 feel discouraged and negative. You know why,? When you're in a group, you're exposed to the negative opinions, lifestyles, sins and bad ideas of multiple people. Does that mean that you should live isolated and avoid people and groups? I dont think that's how Jesus acted. he went and ministered to people. But you od have to be careful and pro-active to make sure other people's negativity and foolishness doesn't fly under your radar and have a bad influence on you and your life.

When you're at work, or with friends and families, RUN the things they say and the way they act thru the filter of God's Word and ur own conscience-though it is difficult, influence them for good, don't let them influence you for bad. If you're passive about it, believe me, it is easier to be influenced for evil than it is to influence others for good.

Stay in God's Word. Mediatate on it. Listen to edifying music. Seek good influences. Feed your mind.
Fight the good fight. Resist the Devil. Listen to the Holy Spirit. Be separate from the opinions of the world. Peace.

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