Thursday, October 11, 2012

Limitless Liberty of Truth

Proverbs says the fear of man brings a snare. If you're afraid of ANY truth-you're being intimdated in some way. And you are caught in a snare.

Intimidation and fear are bad motivators. Intimidation is NOT a substitute for leadership.

Jesus IS Truth and so if you're close to Him you will EMBRACE the truth. He does not want you to be intimidated nor does He want you to be silent.

So many Christians around the world have no freedom of speech. They can be killed and/or tortured etc for speaking out. WE however, at this point, will just be ridiculed-we should not let ridicule from politically correct heyper-pious fellow Christians or godless liberals to have an effect on us.

The political aspect of breaking the silence is only one dimension of this topic though, there is also abuse,bullying, mistreatment etc among families, friends and loved ones that all stems from the fear of man which brings a snare.

I remember being sick to my stomach day after day after day on my way to school as a young man because I had to face a principal who would verbally abuse me and call me names and scare me-now that I am older I would speak a little truth to that woman that would have shut her down profoundly, but as a young man, I was more vulnerable adn scared. These types of situations exist all over.

People have been talking a lot about this issue of bullying, but it isn't just the kids, there are bullies who are spouses, there are bullies who are parents, there are bullies who are teachers and there are bullies who are politicians and law enforcement and co-workers and supervisors and on and on, and the one thing most bullies can't stand is TRUTH.

The biggest bully, at the top of them all, is Satan, the father of lies, him and his minions always want to beat you down down down, lways putting you down, but when you humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, ya know what HE does-He LIFTS YOU UP!

If your religion makes you feel lower than a snakes belly all the time, you might have a problem. And if someone is making you feel that way, you need to resist the Devil and stand up in truth. The truth is what sets you free.

I am what God says I am. YOU are what GOD says YOU ARE! Nevermind what others say , nevermind what someone in your life says who tries to limit you, you have to understand that anyone who doesnt speak the truth is getting their lies from the father of lies. The Devil is a liar. Don't listen to him or anyone who works for him.

Discouragement doesn't come from God. Being afraid dont come from God. Being silent doesn't come from God. Feeling worthless doesn't come from God.

God's Word calls me a son, calls me Beloved, calls me an heir, calls me a saint--where is WORTHLESS in there? You can't find it. We are not worthless to God-we are valuable and precious in HIS sight and thats the sight that matters.

Also, some enjoy the idea of you feeling powerless, saying you can't make it, epecially without THEM. But guess what? God says to be STRONG in Him, to be a soldier for Him enduring hardness, that we are more than conquerors, God did NOT create a victim when He created you! No More Victims! You have the victory which is FAITH. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world!

You don't need someone's approval when you have God's approval. You don't need someone's blessing when you have God's blessing. You don't need someone's opinion, when you have God's opinion. You don't need someone's permission when you have God's permision. You don't need someone's authority when you have God's authority!

If God be for us who can be against us?

No Victims Just Conquerors!

and plz remember that you have family, friends, and Church, maybe tons maybe just a few, maybe even strangers to you right now, but you have people who love you and want to see the best for you and will cheer you on and be thrilled by YOUR empowerment and success! I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

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