Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my words like rain drops fell and touched the sound of silence

Silence like a cancer grows

Whether it is hyper-pious, ultra spiritual, misguided Christians telling you to shut your mouth about the unconstitutional, immoral, traitorous, usurper in Washington DC, or manipulative, abusive, bullies trying to guilt-trip or Bible-ize friends and relatives into tolerating their unacceptable behavior---I REMAIN LOUD, Unrelenting, Obnoxious, and Truthful! ! !

I won't be bullied, intimidated, guilt-tripped, or bought off.

You cannot prey on my insecurities. You cannot flatter me or lull me into complacency.

You also cannot cause me to give up my own intellectual integrity-just because I may be casting my pearls before swine *Example---people comment with their own thoughts but do not have the time or intellectual capacity to even read/consider/research the argument presented to them.

I won't back down & I won't dumb down.

One of the biggest things that is bothering me is that we are in the age of INFORMATION and yet people are willfully and blissfully IGNORANT. You CAN know the truth. The fact that President Obama negligently allowed our ambassador to be murdered in cold blood is a FACT that the WHOLE WORLD can know. The fact that narcissistic personality disorder is becoming prevalent in the USA because of our depraved, self-centered, abuse-tolerating culture-is a FACT that ANYBODY can know. and yet we fall for this bogus bull that because we're Christians psychology doesn't apply to us. hehehe yeah, neither do the laws of physics right? A nut case is a nut case! Whether he has a Bible, a Quaran, or the New York Times. We are not the exception to the rule, we should be the most aware of the rule! We should not tolerate bafoonery and foolishness. We should be realistic and honest.

I am so sick and tired of ignorant, negligent, spineless, a-moral, poor excuses for citizens-trying to correct me and enlighten me when THEY are the ones who have ABANDONED all of their convictions, all of their patriotism and often even their own loved ones. They have NO courage, no conviction, no spine, no integrity, and they won't be happy until I join them in their compromising, negligent, traitorous lifestyle.

if I were the last American on earth willing to be a MAN and stand up for the truth and for the weak and vulnerable-I'd rather be all alone than to join these jellyfish who mean nothing, stand for nothing and believe in nothing!

I can just imagine my Grandfather, who loved the flag and displayed i proudly, who fought valiantly in World War 2 and served his community for years afterwords-I can just imagine how ashamed he would be of me if he saw me cave to this "Liberal" nonsense in the NAME of tolerance and Christianity and multiculturalism etc. It isn't tolerance. It isn't Christian. It's stupid.

When I see bullcrap, I am not afraid to say so. I never have been and it isn't changing any time soon.

I don't look for a fight. Believe it or not.

It's just that when you stand for something, the fight finds you.

I don't look for a fight, but I will finish one.

I have some integrity.

And I am TIRED of witnessing vulnerable people being manipulated. And I am tired of watching the truth being spinned. And I am tired of people trying t shut me up. When will they learn, the more ya try to shut me up, the more loud and obnoxious I get.

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