Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Profane People

When you turn a flashlight on in the middle of the day, you can barely see the light it gives, but when you turn it on in the middle of the night, the beam of light that it shines is much more noticeable & useful. 

My understanding of good and evil is becoming sharper and more obvious. There is more and more evil and darkness around us and it helps to make the goodness of good much more apparent. The South Koreans construct a HUGE Christmas tree every year within sight of the North Koreans. North Korea considers this to be psychological warfare & propaganda, but we walk by them all season long at stores etc, and never stop and say, Hey! look at this symbol of all that is good and wholesome in western civilization and Christianity! No, we just think it's a decoration, or don't think much of it at all (unless you're one of those Baptists who call it a Baal-bush but we're not getting into that). 

But taking things for granted and neglecting them is what causes great and wonderful things to be lost. Many people consider the 'spirit of Christmas' to be silly and corny but the Communists in North Korea consider it a threat to their way of life! Because Christmas has to do with redemption, brotherhood, giving, etc....these ideas of Jesus, giving and sacrifice and human love-are a threat to a governing party which expects it's people to WORSHIP the man they call "The Dear Leader."  

Many people take their family, marriage, Church, children, freedom--for granted. They don't realize that they are good, wholesome things that stand in stark contrast to evil. 

Sometimes I like to sing. Sometimes my wife and I even pull out some markers or pastels and do some coloring and drawing. It's good, clean fun. You wouldn't think it was any big deal for us to do this. Unless you had spent time in an atmosphere where someone oppressive wouldn't allow people to enjoy themselves. Where some sociopath wouldn't let you sing or laugh too loud or enjoy yourself without being intimidated or silenced or punished....imagine if you grew up like that, and all you wanted to do was spend one night with people you care about, maybe sitting back and watching a movie, or just talking and sharing jokes and stories. Just a night of relaxation and recreation. Something so many people take for granted and don't look at as anything special. But it is special. It shouldn't be taken for granted. 

Jesus spent a lot of time with people He cared about. He ate at Zaccheus' house, he ate with the disciples, He made them fish on the fire on the shores of Galilee after His resurrection. Jesus liked to fellowship. Paul talks in his Epistles about certain people who he loved so much and wanted to see. Loving people and spending time with them is actually spiritual :) 

What I am trying to say is, value those things which are valuable! Put a difference between the good and the evil. Do not let this twisted world define what is good and evil for you but follow what is Scriptural. 

We need to hold on to those things which are truly good and guard them and cherish them as never before. STOP neglecting God's gifts and privileges that He has made us stewards of.

ONE of the biggest things we have neglected is the home. We need to love our families, enjoy our families, watch out for our families. 

Marriage is one of God's very first creations. He instituted it and so it is holy and sacred. It isn't something to be taken lightly. And it is something that should be defended. It should not be redefines as being between a man and a man etc, and you should never find yourself opposing or harming someone else's marriage-it is not wise to criticize and denigrate someone's spouse and families and friends should be supportive and helpful to one another's marriages, seek to be an encouragement and to pray for one another's marriages. 

Children-#1 There is NO excuse for child abuse! Children are a gift from God an heritage from the Lord to be brought up in His nurture and admonition. Children should be cherished, protected and watched out for because they're a gift from God. Today, adults don't seem to think twice about their KIDS well-being when they go ahead and get divorced or cheat on their spouses. Or when they have a baby and don't even bother getting married, or when they let  Day Care raise their child, when they think being a MOTHER isn't GOOD ENOUGH and that being a career woman is more significant.....when they abort innocent children so they can treat sex as a recreation instead of unity of man and wife that brings about a family.... not to mention that many children have their minds polluted by internet/tv/cell-phone media because their parents and society have NO interest in protecting their minds from the degradation and perversion of this out of control culture. Perverts and predators are kidnapping and abusing kids and even turning them into slaves in Asia......abortion and other forms of child abuse are a total affront to a Holy God. God has a special place in His heart for children. Jesus said you have to become like a little child to enter His kingdom. So you can be sure, that harming them and neglecting them is a terrible, vile disease in our country and it will bring down the judgement of God. 

CHURCH-God's house is also sacred. For many reasons. It is a place set aside, sanctified for the use of worshiping God and hearing His Holy, Sacred Word. It is a place for the saints, the Holy people of God to gather. it is very special, Christ died for the Church. 
But we also take that for granted. There have been MANY times when God's people have not had the liberty to meet together in public and worship God. Those people could only wish to have the opportunity that we have to go to Church like we do, and yet Church attendance today in this Country is way down and our attitude about the Church is insane. 
Many people look at Church with the attitude of a consumer, Church-hopping, looking for what is most convenient and complaining about things they don't like. The New Testament saints would probably be shocked by our attitudes in 2012 America.

It is also important to look at how we treat our Bibles, our women, and our elderly. We will get into those subjects next time. Please pray and ask God to help our country repent and stop profaning His holy gifts. 

Woe to them that call evil good and good evil and put no difference between the holy and profane!

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