Friday, November 9, 2012

a voice cried in the wilderness

We are in a battle. A battle that is often unseen by those that aren't aware of it. But we shouldn't be ignorant of this battle. We shouldn't be lulled into complacency and think that the people sounding the alarm are being overly-dramatic. Because that is a big part of the battle. The enemy can do SOOO MUCH if you're convinced he is not there!

An old African Proverb says if there is no enemy within then the enemy without needs not be feared. It's when the enemy infiltrates the camp that we're in trouble, which is why people thinking that someone who is a complete enemy of that which is good, holy, wholesome and American being our leader is no big deal is a BIG DEAL!

We can dress it up in all sorts of religious lingo and spiritual platitudes but the FACTS remain the same.

We tend to swing from one extreme to the other which is unwise. We need BALANCE. We can't be screaming and yelling and foaming at the mouth all the time. But that doesn't mean there is NEVER a time to be stern either. People argue about Jesus-whether he was a cream-puff or a tough guy. But He was neither. He was a man, in all that being a man means. He was what He needed to be when He needed to be, just like a good father He knew when to be stern and when to be gentle. We need to learn to be more versatile and flexible, and have some discernment, isn't ALWAYS time for hellfire and brimstone nor is it always time for encouragement. both are needed WHEN APPROPRIATE. There is a time for ever purpose under the sun,a time for war and peace, building and tearing down etc. We seem to just want to pick one, we don't seem versatile at all. But Christ is sufficient for EVERY situation and He can be the Prince of Peace and a Man of War at the SAME time! So, while we need love, forgiveness, mercy, grace, kindness and charity, we also need conviction, integrity, courage and honesty. We need to stand for something and not compromise and we need to speak the truth and let it be heard!

In light of all that let me say this

1. America's version of Christianity is a train-wreck.

In a sophisticated, condescending manner, I have been instructed many times that I should stop expressing how I feel about Obama and other political degenerates. Because this is the popular wisdom of many spiritual giants who want to be popular and don't want to confront evil. But there isn't as much wisdom in this as some seem to think. Is the election the end all be all in our spirituality? No. Not even close. But it is a painfully obvious SYMPTOM of a huge problem.

If you are filling sanctuaries or stadiums with people or filling racks with your paperback books and selling them, does that make you a successful leader? Not according the Jesus' standard. What shows your success is the FRUIT! What FRUIT is it bearing? We like to talk numbers when it comes to attendance but how about some other numbers, how about divorce rates, crime rates, abortion rates, and votes counted......we may be able to get "our" books on the best sellers list but we aren't putting bars out of business because people are so in love with God they'd rather not get drunk (Billy Sunday did) we aren't seeing the crime rate go down (the Welsh Revival did) we aren't seeing families strengthened b/c the divorce rates are still insane....we aren't even producing disciples with enough conviction not to vote for a baby-killing, sodomy-endorsing, Christ-mocking President.....yet despite our failure of today compared to the success of many of our forefathers in the past, we are STILL impressed with ourselves, impressed with our cliches, thrilled with our false-piety and excited about our enlightened opinions.

If our methods, fads, and thinking are so impressive why did our forefathers backwards, fundamentalist, unenlightened, silly beliefs seem to bear superior fruit?

We are very self-satisfied. We assume that the PROBLEM must be in someone else. We MAY even bring ourselves to blame liberals and secularist extremists but we sure aren't going to blame ourselves.

Well, I think it does have to do with us, my friends. As a people....we've failed. As Christians, we may be the poorest group that's ever been :( DOn't get mad! Be honest. You know it is true, or atleast you should, come on, don't you feel it somewhere in the back of your mind, don't you feel as I do that we are not that impressive? Oh sure, I've had my days where I've convinced myself I am quite the spiritual giant but when push comes to shove I know in my heart that my attitude, my actions, my lifestyle, has been substandard!

I don't condone self-loathing or false humility, please dont think I am headed in that masochistic religious direction because I am not. I am just talking about good old fashioned honesty and humility. The Bible does say humble thyself in the sight of the Lord doesn't it?

I am angry at Obama, and I am frustrated at the circumstances we find ourselves is, but deeper down, I am heartbroken, sad, sorrowful, broken over the state that WE are in. And I know we have fallen far away from what God planned for us.

Our love for God is no longer hot,,'s dwindled to a lukewarm, dying coal in the is our love for one another and our desire for the holy things God has blessed us with. Things Christians once cherished and prized are now utterly neglected. We do not love our Bibles and cherish reading or obeying it. We do not FEEL tenderness and respect for our families and friends like we used to. We neglect attending God's house.  

We do not defend the sacredness of our women, We do not honor and cherish them as we should. We don't
fight for the purity and the minds of our children. We don't honor our elders. We don't honor our Preachers. We don't honor God's Word. We don't honor the flag. We don't honor the home. We don't honor God. We don't honor much of anything.

The whole idea of anything being sacred is lost on us. Which means we are a very profane people. We are unholy. The word "Irreverent" is an adjective OFTEN used as a COMPLIMENT today when it is irreverence that is utterly DESTROYING our nation.

Say what you want. Think what you want. Rationalize how you will. There is only ONE answer for this Nation, ONE word and there is NOTHING you can do to escape this truth we will not survive unless there is REPENTANCE.

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