Thursday, November 22, 2012

all these are the beginning of sorrows

I am giving thanks today because my God is constantly worthy of praise and thanksgiving. He showers many blessings on us and He is faithful and unchanging. 

I also prayed a lot, because I know that the world has entered a new era, an era we would be wise to understand is to be called 'the beginning of sorrows'  It does not take an overwhelming amount of discernment to understand that the times we are entering are perilous times. 

We must determine NOW where we stand and what we are going to do. We must gather our strength, gird up our loins, and get prayed up. This is not a time to be apathetic, or asleep at the wheel. It is time to awaken!

The USA Secretary of State just finished brokering a deal with Israel according to the demands of the evil, Islamist state of Egypt. Egypt has been a kingdom of worldliness and iniquity for thousands of years, and we just bowed to their will and betrayed the innocent people of Israel. If you do not think the consequences of that will be serious, you're sorely mistaken. We have begun travelling down a very dangerous road. 

I get criticized by those who do not understand for being too politically-minded as if my awareness of the times were some kind of vice that distracts me from God, it doesn't distract me from God, on the contrary, it reminds me that we must depend on Him more and more.

The people of Ninevah were saved because of repentance. The prophets preached repentance. John the Baptist preached repentance. Jesus Christ preached repentance. America's only hope is sincere, genuine repentance but the hearts of most Americans are VERY far from God and very proud and very hard. They will not repent, they will not listen, they will not humble themselves, they believe they are superior, enlightened, sophisticated, evolved and technologically superior......they don't see the need for Repentance. But it is desperately needed.

So.......if you DO realize that God is right and we are wrong, what should you do? 

What did Nehemiah do when he heard of the state of Jerusalem? What did Daniel do when he was taken captive in Babylon? 

#1, they humbled themselves, sorrowed, were heartbroken, fasting, praying, crying etc.

#2, they held onto their integrity and faithfully exercised their convictions and devotion-they maintained a lifestyle above reproach and were separate from the wickedness that surrounded them even as they were productive members of the society they were assimilated into

But Churches are still seeing anemic attendance and faithfulness. The people that name the name of Christ are not holding onto much of a testimony and often even the more zealous and ambitious Christians are simply exercising superficial, vain religious activity and pharisaical pseudo-piety otherwise known as a form of godliness that denies the power thereof. it isnt the real, true spirituality of the days of revival but a sad imitation that frustrates the actors. 

So, the simple truth is that we should be flowing into the Churches, crying all over the altars, humbling ourselves,  apologizing to God, each other and the public and desperately seeking a supernatural solution. But instead, we see quiet, half empty churches, self-satisfied, Obama-voting 'Christians' who are busy watching reality tv and going shopping for black friday but wont be in Church on Sunday.....and so, the obvious fact is, that judgment is coming, on all of us, CHurches included. 

This is not the message we want to hear or give. But this is still true. 

Are there any Christians out there thinking of repenting and fasting and fervently praying? 

Whatever happens, do not forget the examples of men like Daniel, Nehemiah and Joseph who stayed true to God and saw Him work powerfully amidst the trials, tribulations and wicked surroundings in their lifetimes. Purpose in your heart, as Daniel did, not to eat the king's meat. God bless my friends, Keep the faith. 

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