Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas you old saving and loan

My thoughts have been very much on all of these shootings, and on the political chaos in the world, the war on Hamas and the revolution in Egypt etc. There are so many different realities in this world that are ALL troubling. There is a gathering storm that is growing in power and size and spreading into every corner of the world-yet all of these things have served only to sharpen the true meaning and value of what we're suppose to be celebrating today. 

This year I see lots of trouble all around, but a peace in my heart. My heart is like a sanctuary surrounded by the chaos of the world.

I know I have used this illustration before but you can only see the brightness and beauty of the stars in the dark of night & you can only use the beam of a flashlight when it is dark all around you. 

The beauty and holiness of Christmas, and of every day that we abide in Christ and follow after Charity, becomes clearer and clearer to us as many of the things men put false confidence in prove to be untrustworthy. When we are 'disenchanted' we see that men do not always behave worthily of the trust and admiration we give them-But Christ is COMPLETELY worthy of ALL admiration, trust, confidence and worship. When we see senseless violence and shootings and crocodile tears and political agendas and children's deaths being exploited.....we are reminded that Jesus Christ taught peace, that He loves the little children of the world, that He treasures their innocence and tells us to have faith like a child. 

When we are broke, and we aren't distracted by all of the entertainment and luxury we used to be able to afford, we learn to cherish and enjoy the blessings God has given us once again. We remember that family, and conversation, and a good meal, and family altar, and singing together, are wonderful gifts that we have neglected and forgotten about.

So basically, now is the time to cling to those things which are most dear to us, to re-evaluate our values...to get back to what is important!

That's why persecution and distress often bring revival. 

Let's try to learn that lesson quickly so we dont have to learn   
it the hard way all the time.

Don't put anything above God and remember you are a steward of all the gifts He has given you, especially the people in your life. 

God bless and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :) 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Abundant Life

We have been given the gift of life, and no one knows for how long, but every day you wake up with breath in your lungs is a gift from God and an opportunity to be a part of the world and to do something good for the Lord. 

Our breath comes from the very breath of Almighty God who breathed into the clay nostrils of Adam and he became a living soul. We are so privileged. Every smile, tear, greeting and emotion, every tender moment, kiss or embrace that a human being experiences is a moment that is given by God to man. The glorious stars, and the graceful dolphins and whales etc, do not experience the things that we experience. 

As Christians, we do not embrace some Greek, Platonic theory that denies our humanity, instead-we enjoy and relish the exalted position that God has allowed for us who come from the clay of the earth, we're dust-yet we have been given a soul, and through redemption we have even been given the opportunity to connect with the Divine in a relationship with the Messiah and King of the Universe which transcends every physical and earthly relation. 

Birds fly in the sky, cats nap in the sun, fish swim in the ocean, dolphins jump and leap in the waves, that is their portion. That is what they have been given and it is good, it is their existence until their spirit returns to the earth. 

But we have been given so much more. We enjoy the physical activities of earth, we work, we run, we enjoy the beauty of creation, we toil, we love, we laugh, and eventually our bodies loose their vitality and stop working, but if we are born again, our spirits will pass on to a glorious state in the presence of God our Creator & we will one day be united with a brand new body! Our existence is more wonderful than we can even comprehend! We have so much to enjoy and look forward to!

GOD is not only the source of life, He IS life itself. It is accepting Jesus Christ into our hearts that gives us eternal life because He is eternal life. When you are connected to Christ-you have all the vitality, productivity, fruitfulness that you could ever want or need because He is life. He is the Vine and we are the branches-the nutrients and life comes to us through Him! Never loose sight of this fact, that your existence, your strength, your life, your direction, your vitality, your ability to spread life all comes directly from Him. Abide in Him and you will have life abundantly.