Saturday, November 2, 2013

Christians, what they were, what they are.

2 Timothy 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

 There have been times that I've wondered why Christians in America seem to argue so much. 

Now don't get me wrong here, I don't think debate and conflict are good things and I desire to see more unity, I truly do. But I had a thought tonight. One of the reasons for a divide among Church-goers and self-proclaimed Christ-followers in our nation is this--there is some serious confusion in postmodern America about the nature and definition of Bible-believing Christianity.

 The early New Testament Church was marked by suffering and sacrifice. The Christians we read about in Acts face torture, imprisonment, execution, extreme poverty and war. Yet never do we find in the book of Acts any theologian tackling the 'problematic topic' of the suffering of the Church. That's because it was not viewed as problematic, it didn't need to be explained away, on the contrary, the early Christians thought it was a duty as well as a privilege to suffer for the name of Jesus Christ.  They witnessed the power of God, they saw Him working miracles, yet they were not put out by the fact the our Lord did not always do a miracle to deliver them from persecution. When He did-they rejoiced and praised God and when they were counted worthy to suffer, they also rejoiced and praised God.

Now, sadly, I must compare and contrast. Today's American Church considers not persecution as a sign of God's truth but they instead consider health, money and status all to be signs of God's favor. Now there is nothing wrong with good health, there's nothing wrong with money and there's nothing wrong with being a respected member of society as long as you didn't have to sell your soul for it. But none of those things are sure signs of godliness. If physical prosperity was a tell-tale sign that you were right with God, than Christ would not have been right with God. 

The history of the Church, the true Church, the faithful followers of the Apostles doctrine, has been predominantly traced by the shedding of blood. Much like God's Chosen People, the Jews, Bible-believing Christians have been pretty consistent targets of persecution. From a worldly perspective, all of the physical suffering of our forefathers could be taken as a sign that we are not the true people of God and that God has not blessed us, but quite the contrary--God has counted His people worthy to suffer for His name and they will receive a crown and reward for their testimony and witness. Some of God's most powerful witnesses have gone to the stake, and to the lions of the coliseum, and to prison camps and death camps. We look to these people as heroes of the faith-heroes not failures. They may not have ever worn an expensive suite, or signed someone's Bible or held a crusade that was aired on television but they are our heroes, the true worshipers of the true God. 

So, to make this clear-the Christianity that Chinese Christians are practicing secretly in house Churches, and that Pakistanis are practicing in hazard to their own lives....may be a little different than the nominal Christianity being practiced by huge amounts of people in the United States. And it is for this reason that some of us Preachers may seem a bit cantankerous and argumentative to you. It isn't that we are mean people, looking to start a fight, It is that we are preachers of the true Christian faith not a form of godliness that denies the power thereof. And we are trying to speak the truth openly, to open eyes to the difference between cultural, nominal, no-conviction Christianity and Scriptural, historical, Spirit-filled, authentic Christianity. 

We are living in a Nation that has been over-run with unclean spirits and doctrines of devils. Where MANY MANY people are two-fold children of the devil. You can't hold hands with Jesus AND Satan, regardless of what Hollywood, celebrities, famous preachers and popular opinion may have to say. If the world once found us so offensive they threw our families to lions and wild beasts for entertainment, what makes you think our faith is compatible with popular culture today? If your faith is compatible with the filth, and abomination and deamon-worship that we see in popular culture, then you have been deceived into thinking you are practicing the ancient faith of our forefathers, but you aren't. 

Come out from among them and be ye separate.

Now I know there are probably some reading this, who are concerned about 'legalism.' That is a perfectly legitimate discussion for all of us to have together as Christians, but I assure you, realizing that we should not worship devils or participate in the occult and in immorality, is not legalism.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Road To Apostasy

 The PRESSURE put on Christians who desire Holiness to conform to the contemporary Church is really something. It's a form of godliness that denies the power thereof. It's a bunch religious platitudes dressing up a religion of worldliness and carnality and popularity and sensationalism. 

It's a Church service where people may often use the term "Spirit" yet the Holy Ghost never leads them to go ONE MINUTE over their allotted time. The Holy Ghost doesn't seem to convict very much or cause change or rock the boat? 

A Preacher is not only not ALLOWED to raise his voice or offend the sensibilities of the sensitive congregants but he can't even name a single sin or do his God-given duty without being persecuted. Are we not supposed to be BIBLE -BELIEVERS?

Popular Contemporary American Christianity does not seem to measure up against BIBLE Christianity. DO you think the Apostle Paul was a rock-star, dressed in the latest trendy garb of the area and that he would rely on technology and stage-presence to convey the message of the Gospel? 

Contemporary Christians seem to feel they are so evolved and enlightened that they understand things that the old-time religion just didn't get. But what are the RESULTS? The old time religion brought about 2 great awakenings, prohibition, the Constitution, worldwide missions, families healed and reconciled, crime rates dropping etc. Has the new-fangled religion done any of that? When Billy Sunday came to town there were bars and saloons that went out of business! When D. L. Moody came to town, there were catholic clergy shaking in their there any such impact when Joel Osteen comes to town....his people will attend his service AND attend the local bars....the fruit isn't there. But oh the attendance is there so they must be right!? 

Everybody just GUSHES about the 'worship' but where there is worship there is devotion and love and since you can't say ONE single word of instruction or rebuke to these folks and find repentance, on the contrary they get offended, seems to me that no matter how jealously and passionately and nastily that they defend it-it is false fire. 

If this form of Christianity can't even take a loving rebuke or instruction from a man of God, how on earth could it be equal with the Christianity of the folks in the book of Acts who faced savage persecution and tribulation? If we cannot SUFFER through a long CHurch service how on earth can we suffer through tribulation? 

If WORSHIp was nothing more than a 7/11 song that repeats itself over and over than why did the folks in Israel have to worship through SACRIFICE and giving and devotion? This NEW faith is shallow, carnal, worldly, physical and full of false promises and fake smiles. 

Elijah wasn't popular. Jeremiah wasn't popular. John the Baptist wasn't popular with King Herod. Billy Sunday wasn't very popular with the liquor crowd. But we think if a preacher isn't popular with God's ENEMIES> that he is out of the will of God and needs to grow out of his old school fundamentalist ways> 

I lack the words to express my feelings on this subject. The more that I walk with God, the more I see His holiness and that I do not love Him enough, yet I see a huge host of my brethren that seem to think we need to TONE IT DOWN a notch?!?!?!?! Tone it down? We have toned things down quite enough folks. If the contemporary Church tones it down any further they'll have no message LEFT! 

I am absolutely convinced that this NIV toting, a-doctrinal, holiness-hating, unscrupulous 'church' will end up accepting the antichrist because they have no love for the truth. they love popularity. they love psychology, they love money, they love shiny suits and recognition and being trendy, but the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and reverence for God and His Word seems to be lost. 

And in this pursuit of popularity and keeping up with the new times---this evangelical train-wreck should not be too surprised when one day, like her mother-the catholic church, their leaders, as the 'pope' just did will also declare that folks who don't even BELIEVE in Jesus Christ will go to Heaven. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Christ Transcends Culture

 There are a thousand years of Irish ancestors who would be ashamed of me because I have rejected the Catholic faith even though I believe in Jesus Christ. But I don't let that bother me for a second, my identity is not found in my Celtic blood or even in my American citizenship but in the Lord Jesus Christ who I am crucified with and risen in His likeness. I am one with Christ. I am indwelt by the Spirit of Christ. 

But though I understand that much, and though I identify with God and am fiercely loyal to the Good Book before any other philosophy or opinion of man, I have often found that without realizing it, I have adopted and adapted myself to ideas and pressures from my the culture and peers I am surrounded with. And the truth of God's Word is completely untouched and untainted and unaffected by the opinions, fads and trends of man. 

How many things that we find acceptable in our culture because they have been accepted that would in fact be considered and are considered abominable according to Scripture. 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He does not change who He is or what is right and wrong according to the opinions and popularities of mankind and culture. 

There is so much wisdom that we miss out on because we are blinded by our own cultures, our own background and our own habits and we do not/will not take a step back and examine our lives through the objective eyes of the Scripture and the Spirit of God. 

Some Asians think they have to be Buddhist, some Natives think they have to be Longhouse, some Europeans think they have to be Catholics, some Southern Americans are convinced they are born 'saved' but the fact is ALL of us have to embrace the truth of Jesus Christ regardless of our background. Jesus is not the God of the white man, or the God of the Jews, or the God of westerners, or easterners, He is GOD. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Perspective on a Wicked Culture

 You ever consider what it would be like to live as a Christian in Corinth? Or to be one of the Christians living in the Roman Empire at the time when they were putting Christians to death for refusing to burn incense to the emperor? New Testament Christians lived in a time of many gods, much paganism, surrounded by occultic practices and sorcery and idol-worship. They had to be careful to refuse these evil influences and remain faithful to Christ.

If we were to look at a Christian in one of those cities in the New Testament, we would expect them NOT to take the local idols and unholy practices into their homes. We would be shocked if one of the people who Paul addressed his Epistles to was involved in the heathenism and idolatry of the wicked, pagan cultures that they lived in! 

Now here is the jump-----We Live In a wicked, pagan, idol and demon-infested Nation in these last days! And as Christians, we are not to partake or participate or be polluted by the evil influences and practices surrounding us. 

There are just as many, if not more, idols and unclean spirits in the country we are living in as there would be in the pagan societies that Christianity's earliest converts lived in. 

For some strange reason, we think that because we have re-labelled things, called them by different names, and categorized them differently, that something has changed but Nothing is new under the sun.

Let me try and spell this out.......We have re-named paganism and we now call it "Entertainment."  We now call idol-worship "Recreation." 

Talk about witchcraft---we turn on a little box in our homes and allow it IN OUR OWN CHRISTIAN SANCTUARY to swear at us, display and talk filthy and blaspheme and curse God and take His name in vain. 

We turn on another little box and let it play drums and chants that are exactly the same as the pagan beats that were used in the past to bring people into trances & call on evil spirits.             

I went to read the news today to hear about what is going on in Syria and was repeatedly confronted by advertisements, comments and pictures concerning the vile, immoral 'entertainment' performance by Miley Cyrus. So, all day long, millions of people have been repeatedly exposed to the immoral activity of one young lady through all different repetitive forms of media. How sad and how unprecedentedly evil. Hundreds of years ago an immoral act happened once, but now-with the help of media it is played over and over and over again so that scores of other people can partake in the sin. 

Let me say, I have ZERO interest in seeing what kind of foolish things Miley Cyrus or any other out of control celebrity is doing. I do pity her and pray that she gets saved. But I can't help but wonder how many people who have talked about her, gossiped about her and even ranted about her lack of morals, also took the time to stop and look at the pictures and footage...........hmmm. well guess what? If you did, you defiled YOURSELF too. 

Somehow we just seem to have forgotten that we can be defiled. You wouldn't draw pentagrams all over your walls or build an altar to some guru but yet you allow nakedness, perversion, cursing, idolatry and all sorts of other abominations and unclean things into your home and into your heart through the gates of your eyes! 

How can we be filled with the Holy Ghost if we are too full of the filth of the world? 

This is not legalism. This is perspective, which we have lost. We think as Americans we are somehow different and immune from the exact same battle that all of our forefathers had to face in EVERY culture and nation in which they lived. 

Wake Up! Wake up to WHERE we are. USA, 2013 is a Country that is over-run with immorality, abominations and foul spirits. So you have to be sober and vigilant if you want to stay clean and have victory! We aren't in Heaven yet folk, we are in Babylon, we are in Corinth, we are in Egypt, we are not in Heaven. and the 'entertainment' altar that these heathens worship at should not have a place in our lives! 

God help us! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Old Paths?

  I've heard some people stomp and rant and strut, screaming about the old paths, and not felt very convinced that there was anything going on except pride and arrogance. But when the prophet wrote about the old paths, it wasn't talking about a lot of our hang-ups and opinions, it was talking about the true old paths of God and the Psalmist says ALL of the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth. 

What were the old paths really? My friends, we are rather ignorant of the true past-especially with the advent of revisionist history. But let us try to stir up our righteous memories. 

Would to GOD that we could get some spiritual perspective to see CLEARLY where we actually are and where we've come from-how far we have come! How profoundly far astray we have really gone!

I remember when it was the 'other denominations' that did not respond to Scriptural preaching. When it was the worldly, carnal Churches that were full of thin-skinned people that were 'offended' by Bible preaching, whose hearts were NOT stirred by Redemption music, who hated the King James version and mocked the Preacher. 

We have some who strut around screaming about the old paths---but the old paths are nowhere to be found because the singing isn't sweet, the saints aren't sweet, the altar is empty, the Preacher is frustrated,the teenagers are fakes,(if they're there at all)the tithes are down, the singing is quiet, many just lipping the words or sitting there, there's lots of complaining and those that are faithful in attendance think they're doing God some kind of favor.....I'm not saying all of this to rant or get something off of my chest. I'm not saying any of this because I'm frustrated-I am trying to explain something that I am observing...

There are 'dead' Churches and there are 'empty' Churches. the Dead Churches lack passion and enthusiasm, and the empty Churches have loads of enthusiasm (during their 45 minutes of service) but they don't have any godliness in their personal lives, no profound changes in their family,community, etc. because the enthusiasm witnessed is nothing more than a worked up high gotten from performance and entertainment. 

Occasionally, there ARE folks in both of these Churches who are on fire for God and have a deep, life-changing relationship with Him which is wonderful but sadly it seems to be an exception to the rule. 

So...........back to the old paths. There used to be in Bible-believing Churches--Spirit-filled, Spirit-led singing where everyone sang in unity and passionately and they sang songs with words that were full of doctrine and power not 7/11 songs and not painful droning and lip-syncing of hymns that no one believes anymore.  Is there any reason we can't do this TODAY? None. We can and we should and we need to! We need to get back to 'old-fashioned' Christian worship and praise in our singing-singing that is bathed in the Holy Ghost and is passionate, alive and SINCERE. WORSHIP isn't a performance, a concert, entertainment or professional--worship is congregational, unified, Spirit-filled, simple and sincere! That's the old paths!

Years ago many people considered Sunday to be the Sabbath-now they may not have been entirely correct in thinking that because Jesus is our Sabbath--BUT their respect for the Lord's day, preparing for it, honoring it, setting it aside for nothing but God-CERTAINLY didn't hurt anyone. People used to be more than happy to spend all day in God's house and with God's people being spiritually refreshed, they didn't look at their watch the whole time because they had to get to an appointment because they didn't make appointments on Sunday! People in those old-fashioned days didn't go to the movies on Sunday, they didnt go to the beach, they didn't go get their hair-cut, they didn't even mow the lawn-they spent it with God and His people. 

On Saturday night they PREPARED for Sunday. SO many, maybe most of God's people in 2013 can barely turn off their cell phones and tv's long enough to get their teeth brushed and their sunday best on (if they have sunday best)and they come mosying into Church 15 minutes late almost every week,...just barely making it there in time more the less getting their spirits ready and prepared...

Now here's where it REALLY gets "Radical" 
Families used to have something called "Family Altar" They used to sit down with their children and teach them a little something from the Bible EVERY day, and sing a song with them and pray over them. So it wasn't just the Preacher or the Church that instructed the kids in their faith it was their PARENTS. Kids grew up with a strong faith, not that they got from their Church but that they got from their parents. The spiritual backbone of the Country wasn't so much the Church as it was the family! Imagine that.

Th Schools started their day reading the Bible and praying! Hard to imagine today isn't it? And they didn't try to politically indoctrinate the children. 

When people got saved-they went full throttle, they were excited and happy to submit to the Preacher and to get baptized and seek Church membership.

These are just a few of the true hallmarks of the OLD Paths-and we have strayed far from it. More to come. 

Holy Holy Holy

the first name of the 3rd Person of the Trinity is Holy.

I have been learning a lot about grace for the past couple years, praise God, but now I am beginning to learn something about Holiness. And it is eye-opening.

My heart is breaking, hurting, sorrowing. My eyes are opening. How I have longed for the presence of God and wondered where His glory was hiding-when it was the unholy pollutions of the world and flesh that I had allowed to fill my heart and mind that had hidden Him.

Have you considered that the opinions, trends, fads, philosophies of the world have been pressuring us so much to conform that we have allowed them to bully us right out of our communion with God? We can't expect to be popular in the world And in agreement with God. God is holy therefore He is unchangable and immutable-He does not change with the opinions of the world. WE are thinking and acting and living by the ideas and desires of the world/flesh AND expecting to fulfill the will of God. It is impossible.

God, give me the grace to live holy in this crooked and perverse generation.Please fill me with Your presence.

God help us. Bring us to true repentance and revive us. In Jesus' name I pray Lord GOD, Amen.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

the Temple of the Holy Ghost

 Jesus is knocking on the door, Word says He stands at the door and knocks.

So what is this Christian life anyways, what is That Way the book of Acts talks about?

Well, Paul says it's when one is crucified with Christ and instead of them living-it is actually Christ living in them by faith in Him. 

So if the door is closed, and Jesus aint welcome. That isn't Christianity. So a LOT of American religion is nothing more than a cheap imitation because Christ is not only not the center, but not the basis of it all. Christ isn't even supposed to be the center, He is supposed to be the entire circumferance...He is all in all. SO to live the Christian life is to be filled with the Spirit of Christ. Open up the door. Come on in Jesus, my house is Your house, my body is Your body. I am Your Temple. Amen. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013


The words holy, saint and sanctified all come from the same root word in the Greek. This should help us understand more about the definition of each words as these synonyms help define each other. To be holy is to be set apart to God's purpose and presence, to be sacred, to be separated for a specific use. To be special, to be different, to be honored, to be unchanged and unpolluted by the world..

If a 'place' is called Holy-it is considered a place that is 'different' from other places, set apart and it is treated with a certain amount of respect, and dignity. it is taken care of carefully,kept clean and not desecrated....

For the saint, or holy one to be holy number 1, he/she is anointed by the presence of the HOLY One, the Spirit of God. His presence in our body makes our body a Temple indeed. Which means our minds and hearts should be kept with the same zeal and reverence as you would have for the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Jerusalem! Would that mean a change in lifestyle and actions? Yes, it surely would!

I have hated 'legalism' and religiosity so much for so long because I have seen the dead formalism and the vile self-righteousness that it creates. I NEVER want to be a legalist. Or make up my own religious rules. I hate man's religion. And I know God is not impressed with our self-righteousness. But can we not acknowledge, that while using grace and liberty as an excuse we have often forsaken and neglected true holiness, consecration, dedication and sanctification in our lives?


Why? Because on one side we have rules-based legalism which breeds ARROGANCE and on the other side we have profane, lascivious liberalism in the name of grace.

And everyone wants to "fix' it by setting the other straight. we don't need to set each other straight, we need TRUE humility, and repentance and prayer because unless we YIELD to God and let the SPIRIT of Christ FILL us-we will not have life.

No matter how much true doctrine you have in letter, and black and white---without the Spirit you can do NOTHING. It is the Lord that builds the house. We are most of us living without the filling of the Holy Ghost. That's our problem, plain and simple, and until we humble ourselves and yield up to Him in sincerity, we will not be can't take a Do-More pill and earn His presence, you can't live sinfully and hope your 'liberty' gets you filled, no, you have to humble yourself to God and ask Him to do the work of His Spirit.
Draw night to God and He will draw night to you.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Life's Short

 I have always been a person prone to reflection, sometimes intense reflection. Even when I was a young kid. I was already thinking of my own mortality quite a bit when I was ten years old and I had a pre-midlife crisis when I turned twenty.

Yet here I am again, considering how short life is and wondering how it is that I have so often forgot what is most important in light of how short life is. ONLY certain things last eternally, and everything else will be less then trivial in a relatively short time. 

What on earth could be more important to me than the well-being of my loved ones so that I would neglect them or fritter away my time with them? And what reality for my soul could possibly be more valuable to me than my own relationship with the one who created me and gave my purpose? 

When it comes down to it, GOD and the souls that He has created are the only things around me of eternal value. God is important. My fellow man is important. Everything else is trivial in comparison. 

I will die some day. And most of the things I delighted in will fade away forever. This makes me want to do everything that I can do while I am still on this earth before I can do nothing. 

One day of breathing and living on this earth can be wasted with little thought. But how many would give anything just for one more day of breath to spend with a loved one? 

If I can share Christ with one person, encourage or build up or comfort one person, impart lasting courage and strength to my daughter and wife through something I say or do, or make them feel loved. I want to take advantage of that opportunity. 

May the words of my mouth be profitable and edifying and bringing glory to God and help to His people. 

EVERYONE has their haters. Everyone has their opposition. Everyone has people who create drama. But I don't want to waste any more of my life entertaining their foolishness or letting it dominate my life. To many minutes, hours, days and years of my life have been wasted entertaining ideas, attitudes and intimidations of negative people and forces. I have only so long to be an influence on the people I care about before my life is done and so I have no more time to expend on toxic people and futile worries. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some Sacrificed to Moloch others to their own Sensitivities in both cases the children suffered

 I believe in forgiveness and mercy and love and compassion.

But I believe some people's idea of love makes no sense.

For example, if you LOVE your wife, you will not only treat her 'nicely' but you will also provide for her and PROTECT her. 

If you love your child, not only will you say nice affectionate things and act nice to the child, but you will feed, provide for and protect your child from harm. 

IF I let my loved ones starve or be abused, hit, beat or murdered and did NOTHING about it-that would NOT be love. 

Since I love my family. I MUST keep a separation, a boundary between my family and anything or anyone that would harm them. If I did anything less than that, that would not be love. So don't tell me that I am not being 'loving' or 'tolerant' if I refuse to tolerate any behavior or presence that would be bad for my family. 

MY family is my FIRST responsibility as a man. In my life, I also have other responsibilities. My family such as my parents and brothers and nieces and nephews etc, we all help one another out, support each other emotionally, pray for each other, encourage each other etc. But BEFORE I try and be there for them, I FIRST must be there for my OWN wife and child. Thankfully, my parents, brothers etc, know this, believe this and respect this and do the same thing themselves. 

But some misguided, confused, perhaps even demented people-think that we should put other people's sensitivities, bad behavior, and toxicity in the place of "Tolerance" and just show the 'love of God' at the EXPENSE of our own families. 

I say that is not love at all.

Some people are easiest to love from a distance. If your behavior is destructive, toxic, dangerous, unhealthy; I will pray for you, I will be courteous to you. I would help you if you were in danger or hungry or destitute, but I will NOT welcome you in my home or let you have influence in my family by God's grace. I will not HATE my own family so that I can claim to love you. 

NOTHING would please me more than to see lost people saved, hurting hearts healed, sinners repent, destructive people reconciled and changed, but I cannot force that to happen. I cannot fix anyone. And being complicit or tolerant of inexcusable behavior never helped anyone. 

Lord, help me to beware of dogs and not to cast my pearls before swine. Give me the courage to protect my family and live up to my convictions. Amen. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

What Is Conviction

 I've made some mistakes over the past several years and I want to attempt to talk about them.

Some people scream and yell and carry on about old time religion, the old paths, convictions, and standards.....yet I sense no true spirituality or holiness but instead some kind of man-made, self-righteous, skin-deep religion. So, in my disenchantment with this counterfeit--I sometimes find myself throwing out the baby with the bath-water. 

Religious wackos aside, genuine conviction is of the utmost importance. 

I will never adapt myself to man-made, ridiculous rules. BUT MANY maybe even the majority of religious in this generation have gone in the opposite direction and are trying to use the grace of God for lasciviousness. Just because you don't want to be under the rule of oppressive men and misguided religionists doesn't mean you reject the conviction and guidance of the Holy Ghost. 

Over the past several years I have completely dropped the ball several times when I was supposed to be walking in holiness. I got tired and weary of always being viewed as the conscience in every group I found myself (which may mean I was in the wrong group) and I eventually just wanted to stop being that guy.

I became so tired of feeling like dudley do right all the time...of comments like ask the pastor's son, etc. And it is true, I am NOT to be everyone else's conscience, but that doesn't mean I should abandon my own. 

The word CONVICTION has to do with being Convinced. Being convinced of the truth. The Holy Spirit shines the light of truth on us. and as we see in John men loved darkness RATHER than light b/c their deeds were evil. The Holy Spirit will REVEAL your deeds and reveal the truth and convince you of the truth and convince you of the difference between the Holy and profane. And while MANY people get ANGRY when confronted with conviction, in fact we should thank our lucky stars for the great privilege and opportunity that we have received to be free from Satan's manipulations and the world's snares. 

God is NOT condemning you when He convicts you, in fact, He is blessing you and leading you to freedom! Because when you sin you are a SERVANT to sin. God doesn't want you to serve sin any longer. He wants you to be free. He offers you freedom. Conviction is not restrictive but freeing. 

Walking in the light means experiencing the glorious liberty and presence of God, not muddied up by the presence and bondage of polluting sins and habits & worldliness. 

I'm not going to be afraid to live by my convictions. 

I'm not going to compromise on what I know is right. Now, I am very aware that a lot of people have no convictions at all. They find even the fact that I think it's wrong to abort babies or abuse children as me being an extremist and over-sensitive. People say I take things too personally or that I am very sensitive. Okay. that's fine. people can think that if they'd like to. But that's what I am. 

Years ago when I had been so careful not to go off the straight and narrow and never drank or smoked or partied etc. People mocked me. Then those same people when I was away from the Lord told me I needed help LOL the same ppl that help get you into trouble will abandon you when that trouble comes home to roost. 

So I say it is time to not worry about pleasing others. Not be pressured by others. But just worry about pleasing the Lord. And if I have been a bad example over the years, which I have at times. I ask for forgiveness. 

There've been times I have been a zealout  and followed dumb rules and there have been other times that I have not been faithful to my own convictions. In either case, God never changes though I teeter back and forth. But i want to remain anchored and founded on Him and be a better example of what He is all about. 

It's okay if you think I'm sensitive for not associating with abusive people, or for thinking you should respect the flag or stand against abortion and it's okay if you think I am holier than thou because I don't drink anymore, and it's okay if you don't like the old hymns I listen to, and it's also okay if you think I take liberties that you don't. It's ok as long as I remain faithful to my Creator. 

Please pray for me that God will help me to lead my family in a godly manner. And to be a good example to our Church. I'll never be perfect but I want to do better. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Double-Minded Dichotomy of the Shameless American Ethic /Why You Can't Be Forgiven If You've Done Nothing Wrong

 The last couple of days we have heard a LOT about the "Nice" "Well-mannered" straight A young men who killed 4 people in Boston and injured many more. 

Most of the people who recognized their picture had a difficult time understanding that the young men they "knew" could be terrorists. 

Similarly, many battered women just can't bring themselves to get away from their abusive husbands because they can't wrap their heads around how the same man who wooed them, took them out, nurtured them, supported them etc. could turn around and hurt them, belittle them or beat them. They just can't reconcile the two very different types of behaviors that are coming from one man. They say things like "You just don't know him like I do. He can be so loving. He has a good heart." And they allow the abuse to continue. The abuser hurts them, but immediately after he apologizes and tempers his bad behavior with seeming kindness and the victim falls for this method over and over again. It is tragic and it is one of the biggest reason abuse and crimes are often tolerated or unnoticed. 

I want us to take these two examples and then take our collective conscience as a Nation and look in the mirror. We are double-minded, two-faced, hypocritical. Thinking ourselves to be good because 50% of what we do is noble but not realizing the other 50% of vile wickedness (abortion, antisemitism, violence, pornography, prostitution, etc). completely cancels out all the good that we think makes us righteous and brings us under the condemnation of the one we say we trust in on the front of our dollar bills. 

In the name of "Love," we as families, communities, churches, states, and individuals....have winked at all kinds of inexcusable sin and made ourselves hypocrites and sometime complicit in the sins of this generation. 

I have had people tell me that I need to remember that God is love because I condemn atrocities such as bullying, terrorism, manipulation, abortion, etc. Yes, God is love. He loves us so much that He did not create ANYONE in His image for the sake of being abused, disrespected, degraded or misused. Yes, God is love and Dr. Gosnell's slaughter of innocent babies makes a loving God angry. Yes, God is love and so He cares about the innocent and the helpless and the vulnerable! He cares about unborn babies. He cares about orphans and widows. He cares about battered wives, abused prostitutes and drug addicts. He cares that million of eyes and dollars in the USA have been invested in the porn industry that destroys people's lives and makes nothing but merchandise you young women. Our loving God cares. And just as a Father who would do anything to protect his own children, our Heavenly Father will not slumber and forget the blood and destruction that has been brought upon the vulnerable and innocents by self-righteous, ever-consuming, hypocritical Americans. 

I love America. I am patriotic. But my heart is sick over our hypocrisy, and it isn't just one specific case that I refer to-it is a systemic problem. 

Just like Hollywood stars who promote gun-control and give to charities that are supposed to help children turn around and promote gun violence and moral decay on the shows they act in---so the rest of us, think we're good people because we pay our taxes or go to church, or raise families. But we excuse ourselves as a Nation for so much irresponsibility and abuse. 

I wish I had a sensitive way to say what I want to say. I think of countless examples of how the children of America are being failed and sinned against and no one feels a sense of responsibility for it.

Whether you're a teacher, a parent, a sunday school teacher, or really an adult of any kind, you are a leader, an example, an authority and you bear responsibility to the next generation. 

Abel's blood cried out from the ground to God and condemned Cain. Will not the blood of dead men in Benghazi, of aborted babies, of babies killed after birth and abandoned, of abused, and beaten and neglected and poisoned children-will it not also cry out to God?

Will a TRULY loving God turn a deaf ear to the cries of His children as we just go on feeling self-satisfied and snubly excusing ourselves saying "Well, God is a God of love" 

Wash-make you clean, do good!

We do NOT understand repentance. Nor do we understand love.

Churches that preach the truth with integrity are criticized because they supposedly aren't remembering that "God is love"  Bull! We know God is love. We preach God's love but we do so in truth and with integrity. A God of real love and compassion CARES about injustices and sin. He wants to make it right. He wants us to be forgiven. He wants us to be redeemed. He wants us to feel His love. He wants us to be free. But NONE of that can happen until we come to the place of REPENTANCE.

Repentance is very unpopular and VERY misunderstood But it is also Very BIBLICAL. There is no salvation without it. There is no forgiveness without it. 

If you say you have no sin you lie.

And so a loving God does NOT forgive unrepentant, unacknowledged, self-justified sinners.

Jesus said repent or perish, not me. 

ANY Bible-believing Church will preach repentance. It isn't done out of arrogance, nastiness, condemnation, or hate. It is done out of love for God and the sinner. God loves sinners everywhere and He calls on all of us to repent, to turn to HIM for mercy and salvation. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

True American Heroes

 A lot of people today feel very cynical & critical about the people in their lives. We have very little faith in our leaders, especially politicians. We have been so disappointed in the lies and corruption and personal failures of men from Bill Clinton, Barak Obama to Tiger Woods and who knows who else, but it could be that we're looking at the wrong people. Since when were politicians, athletes and celebrities supposed to be role models anyways? I'm not sure where or why we adopted that idea. Unlike the media, I do not worship and obsess over the lives of celebrities. And the reason we feel so cynical and critical may just be that we're looking to the wrong place for inspiration and leadership. Keep on looking to these moral degenerates in the public arena and you will continue to be disappointed. 

But the real casualty in this is not our disappointment in these poor leaders but the way we have neglected to recognize actual virtue and heroism in our culture...

While millions of people hang on every word of Kim Kardashian, Barak Obama or the chicks on the View, Anne Marie Murphy gave her life defending and saving the lives of first graders under attack in Newtown Connecticut and her name is barely remembered. She was a TRUE American hero! A young lady, of this generation who was willing to lay down her life, selflessly to save these kids lives! She is a hero. 

Victoria Soto used her body as a human shield to protect her students from the gunman as well. This is a teacher who was selfless, dedicated, and virtuous and I would rather hear about her than what Obama said later in the day in some stupid pretentious speech.

How about the man who said "Let's roll" before storming the cockpit of an airplane occupied by terrorists to stop another target from being hit on September 11th, 2001? How about the SOLDIERS who killed Osama Bin Laden? 

How about missionaries risking their lives in the middleast to tell Muslims the truth about Christ. How about Pastors in jail in Iran who REFUSE to recant their faith in Christ? 

You see, there ARE heroes, worthy of our admiration and who are worthy examples for us to follow. we just have to turn off our tv's and open our eyes. 

Above all, we have Christ, the most selfless, holy, perfect, wonderful, dedicated, sacred, loving example we could ever imagine. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Church that Jesus Pastored

What is a Church? Especially in today's day in age, there are a lot of different concepts of what a Church is and what it is supposed to be like and we can look around our Nation and see all kinds of religious phenomenons and examine them but as Bible-believers, it would make sense that the model for what it is 'supposed' to be should come from Scripture. 

The folks in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas in the book of Acts were actively serving God and breaking bread together from house to house. A crystal cathedral or worship center auditorium had not been thought of yet. There were no mega-Churches, there wasn't any mention of small groups or youth groups. There were just Christians working, worshiping & fellowshiping together in Unity. 

That doesn't mean that many of the different ways in which we organize people in Churches today is necessarily wrong but it does mean that those devices we may have contrived are NOT the way to measure success. 

In America, we've begun to look at the Church as a Corporation....

IS Jesus the CEO of a big Corporation? The answer is no way. He is the Head of the BODY of Christ. We are not a Corporation-we are a Body. We are a living organism. What constitutes life? Many things, breath, a heart-beat, emotions, activity---the ability to reproduce (soul-winning). You see, we are looking at the quality and success of Churches through the eyes of corporate business and that is unBiblical. 

If you have a group of people, led by mostly men and some women and some children, who love to spend time together, do good works and study Scripture......well, you have the same thing Jesus had. 12 disciples, Mary, Martha, Peter's Mom, etc. You have PEOPLE. And it doesn't mean you pack out a stadium necessarily, or that you have a big deacon board. or that all the self-help book store Christians feel they're..."Being fed." or that you have a cutting edge youth program, and a state-of-the-art sound system that will blow everyone's mind. Believe it or not, when Jesus and the disciples 'sang an hymn' after the Last Supper-there was no light-show. And Jesus didn't always give the polished sermons that the "Really Good Speakers" give....and He didn't ALWAYS re-assure everyone, frankly, he even freaked out His disciples with a lot of what He had to say, but He was faithful to the message the Father had sent Him with. 

Are we following Jesus? Are we preachers of Christ's Gospel or are Preachers following the model of politicians, or celebrities? They may be able to build a following and lead many people astray but are they Preachers? 

There's a saying "learn from everyone, follow no one" Sure, some of these big wig preachers say some truth and do some good things. But we have to measure them by the Bible. And while there are principles in every Christian book store that can bless many, despite all the pages and pages of best selling books and wonderful seminars, most of the activities and programs and ministries in the USA today don't come close to resembling Jesus' Church. 

A Church is a family. And family sticks together through tough times. Holds on and makes it through. Get your eyes off of entertainment and corporate culture, get your eyes on the Lord Jesus and at like Him. Was Jesus poor? Yep. Was He persecuted? Yep. Did He suffer? Yep. Was He a success? ABSOLUTELY!!! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

"I'm not being fed"

 I have heard some of the best preaching in the entire world & there have STILL been times I haven't gotten much from it, and the problem was not with the preaching/teaching of God's Word it was with ME and my reception of it. I didn't have ears to hear.  

I have even listened to recording of sermons that I heard once and got NOTHING out of & then listened to it again and gotten a LOT out of it. 

I have also sat and talked and gotten to know many of these great preachers and EVERY time No matter how spiritual and effective they were as God's servants, I found them to be HUMAN. None of them were God. None of them were perfect. None of them were flawless. None of them were the PERFECT example in every single way, but they were a great blessing. 

Preachers are MEN, whether they are pastors or evangelists or missionaries. But the problem is that today we can watch preacher/speakers/authors on television and read their books or see them behind a "Pulpit" in a megachurch but never actually KNOW the man. So the man can promote and up-keep an image of himself as being LARGER THAN LIFE and perfect when in fact he isn't real he is a generated personality like a hollywood star AND so those of us who go to a REAL Church with a REAL MAN as our Pastor will sit there and criticize him because he is an actual human being and not a fake character that you see on tv or see his picture on the back of a book. But let me tell you something, go ahead and call up the Pastor in your area mega-church or call up rick warren and joel osteen and ask them for help and counsel and guess what you'll wish you had a Pastor who was real and was there, with all of his flaws and mannerisms and familiarity. 

They say familiarity breeds contempt and although Christians SHOULD'NT be that way-it often holds true with us. You despise, take lightly, mock and judge and criticize YOUR Preacher because you KNOW him but you revere and respect the fake Preacher who you see on tv or at a megachurch who s just a figment of your imagination!

Go ahead and ask the megachurch Pastor for counsel, he will REFER you to a professional! That's a fact. Go ahead and get to know the big wig preacher (if he has time) and you'll find he is a regular person just like your Pastor. 

It is time for a lot of Church members to grow up, wake up, stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side, stop being critical of their Preacher and their fellow Church members, stop holding everybody else to a higher standard that you seem to hold yourself to. Settle in, and follow God

Agree or not, I am here to tell Every single one of you that ever find yourself saying those stupid words "I'm not being fed." If you aren't being fed you have no one to blame but yourself! You don't have an ear to hear! More than likely you won't receive the message because you're too busy judging the messenger! Who are you to judge? God once spoke through a donkey!!!! And you think you are too good and too enlightened to listen to that crazy Baptist preacher. Go ahead and judge and despise him, but you'll regret it.  

We need to be adults and pick up our fork and eat the food that's on our plates instead of complaining that we're not being fed. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

it's all about me

It would be impossible to overstate how self-absorbed God's people are becoming in the USA. I want to talk about it, but words fail me............

We use words like narcissistic, self-absorbed, selfish etc. but somehow even those words don't seem to convey the embarassing, unprecedented, shameless self-promotion and vanity of people who gather together supposedly to worship. To worship whom?

Is it worship or is it some kind of religious self-gratification?

Yes, we are important and beloved of God. I have no problem with that beautiful truth. But our self-worship, when you take a long hard look at it, is enough to make one vomit, thus why God spews the lukewarm out of His mouth. Our self-satisfied, arrogance is literally putrifiying. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

we need a survival guide for end of world as we know it

We are living in unprecedented times. As millions of Americans watch the Super Bowl tonight & are lulled into complacency---the world teeters on the brink of anarchy. I could go into all of the details, tensions in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt & Israel-North and South Korea, China and Japan, as well as our decaying liberty in America under the leadership of leftist extremists. But I don't want to write a book at the moment. 

I still find myself thinking of great heroes of the faith like Corrie Ten Boom. Her entire family lived thru perilous times and kept the faith-defying the evil Nazi empire in the process. In the darkness of faschism, they let their light shine all the brighter. 

We must overcome evil with good. 

As the world and the culture in which we live leaves morals behind, pushes the envelope more and more, allows the media to brainwash them and poison their minds more and more-we should have family altar all the more, read our Bibles all the more, proclaim the truth all the more, attend Church all the more, fight for freedom all the more, pray all the more. Strengthen those things which remain, strengthen our home base, our fortress, our garrison, our core, because the war is about to heat up. Now is not the time to let up, now is the time to lay it on thick. To strengthen our defense and our offense. To hold up the shield of faith. Put on the breastplate of Righteousness and WIELD the Sword of the Spirit in attack! 

The Word of God has not changed. And the wickedness of vile leaders and antichrists only makes the vivid contrast between them and the truth all the more obvious. Show the world how we are different and why our message is unique and needed.

If you read 'the Hiding Place' Corrie Ten Boom's memoir, you will find that her and her sisters and father spent every single night after work reading God's Word as a family, It is something they did consistently and enjoyed. It built them up and prepared them for what was to come too. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

a maimed sacrifice

I remember when I was young and I saw a lot of wonderful things happen in God's house. Saw people saved. Lives transformed. Addicts delivered from their addictions. Families healed. Marriages blessed. Heartfelt, heart-warming singing, revivals, fellowship, praising and missions work. I saw a lot of great stuff. I have a good heritage. Good memories.

I've heard some of the best preaching in the entire world. and known some of the greatest men of God. 

My God is exactly the same God now as He has always been, and I still love Him and enjoy His presence and feel His power, and I know He is capable of everything today that He was when He parted the Red Sea or rescued the Hebrew children from fire

but I realize that it is not God who has changed but His people, His hand is not shortened that it cannot save but our sins have come between us and Him. And although drunkenness, and unfaithfulness and fornication and nakedness, and swearing, and disrespect & unholiness have all been numbered among our national sins, one of our biggest sins  is our negligence, our apathy, our self-satisfaction. It isn't always what we think of as open, flagrant rebellion, it is that as the Laodicean Church is described, we think we are okay. We don't come forward for altar calls, we don't cry, we don't travail in fervent prayer, we don't humble ourselves, we don't fast and we don't sacrifice. We give the bare minimal and expect God to bless whatever He is 'lucky enough' to receive from us. And our half-hearted, shallow form of worship will not be and is not being accepted.