Sunday, January 20, 2013

a maimed sacrifice

I remember when I was young and I saw a lot of wonderful things happen in God's house. Saw people saved. Lives transformed. Addicts delivered from their addictions. Families healed. Marriages blessed. Heartfelt, heart-warming singing, revivals, fellowship, praising and missions work. I saw a lot of great stuff. I have a good heritage. Good memories.

I've heard some of the best preaching in the entire world. and known some of the greatest men of God. 

My God is exactly the same God now as He has always been, and I still love Him and enjoy His presence and feel His power, and I know He is capable of everything today that He was when He parted the Red Sea or rescued the Hebrew children from fire

but I realize that it is not God who has changed but His people, His hand is not shortened that it cannot save but our sins have come between us and Him. And although drunkenness, and unfaithfulness and fornication and nakedness, and swearing, and disrespect & unholiness have all been numbered among our national sins, one of our biggest sins  is our negligence, our apathy, our self-satisfaction. It isn't always what we think of as open, flagrant rebellion, it is that as the Laodicean Church is described, we think we are okay. We don't come forward for altar calls, we don't cry, we don't travail in fervent prayer, we don't humble ourselves, we don't fast and we don't sacrifice. We give the bare minimal and expect God to bless whatever He is 'lucky enough' to receive from us. And our half-hearted, shallow form of worship will not be and is not being accepted. 

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