Saturday, February 23, 2013

"I'm not being fed"

 I have heard some of the best preaching in the entire world & there have STILL been times I haven't gotten much from it, and the problem was not with the preaching/teaching of God's Word it was with ME and my reception of it. I didn't have ears to hear.  

I have even listened to recording of sermons that I heard once and got NOTHING out of & then listened to it again and gotten a LOT out of it. 

I have also sat and talked and gotten to know many of these great preachers and EVERY time No matter how spiritual and effective they were as God's servants, I found them to be HUMAN. None of them were God. None of them were perfect. None of them were flawless. None of them were the PERFECT example in every single way, but they were a great blessing. 

Preachers are MEN, whether they are pastors or evangelists or missionaries. But the problem is that today we can watch preacher/speakers/authors on television and read their books or see them behind a "Pulpit" in a megachurch but never actually KNOW the man. So the man can promote and up-keep an image of himself as being LARGER THAN LIFE and perfect when in fact he isn't real he is a generated personality like a hollywood star AND so those of us who go to a REAL Church with a REAL MAN as our Pastor will sit there and criticize him because he is an actual human being and not a fake character that you see on tv or see his picture on the back of a book. But let me tell you something, go ahead and call up the Pastor in your area mega-church or call up rick warren and joel osteen and ask them for help and counsel and guess what you'll wish you had a Pastor who was real and was there, with all of his flaws and mannerisms and familiarity. 

They say familiarity breeds contempt and although Christians SHOULD'NT be that way-it often holds true with us. You despise, take lightly, mock and judge and criticize YOUR Preacher because you KNOW him but you revere and respect the fake Preacher who you see on tv or at a megachurch who s just a figment of your imagination!

Go ahead and ask the megachurch Pastor for counsel, he will REFER you to a professional! That's a fact. Go ahead and get to know the big wig preacher (if he has time) and you'll find he is a regular person just like your Pastor. 

It is time for a lot of Church members to grow up, wake up, stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side, stop being critical of their Preacher and their fellow Church members, stop holding everybody else to a higher standard that you seem to hold yourself to. Settle in, and follow God

Agree or not, I am here to tell Every single one of you that ever find yourself saying those stupid words "I'm not being fed." If you aren't being fed you have no one to blame but yourself! You don't have an ear to hear! More than likely you won't receive the message because you're too busy judging the messenger! Who are you to judge? God once spoke through a donkey!!!! And you think you are too good and too enlightened to listen to that crazy Baptist preacher. Go ahead and judge and despise him, but you'll regret it.  

We need to be adults and pick up our fork and eat the food that's on our plates instead of complaining that we're not being fed. 

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