Saturday, March 16, 2013

True American Heroes

 A lot of people today feel very cynical & critical about the people in their lives. We have very little faith in our leaders, especially politicians. We have been so disappointed in the lies and corruption and personal failures of men from Bill Clinton, Barak Obama to Tiger Woods and who knows who else, but it could be that we're looking at the wrong people. Since when were politicians, athletes and celebrities supposed to be role models anyways? I'm not sure where or why we adopted that idea. Unlike the media, I do not worship and obsess over the lives of celebrities. And the reason we feel so cynical and critical may just be that we're looking to the wrong place for inspiration and leadership. Keep on looking to these moral degenerates in the public arena and you will continue to be disappointed. 

But the real casualty in this is not our disappointment in these poor leaders but the way we have neglected to recognize actual virtue and heroism in our culture...

While millions of people hang on every word of Kim Kardashian, Barak Obama or the chicks on the View, Anne Marie Murphy gave her life defending and saving the lives of first graders under attack in Newtown Connecticut and her name is barely remembered. She was a TRUE American hero! A young lady, of this generation who was willing to lay down her life, selflessly to save these kids lives! She is a hero. 

Victoria Soto used her body as a human shield to protect her students from the gunman as well. This is a teacher who was selfless, dedicated, and virtuous and I would rather hear about her than what Obama said later in the day in some stupid pretentious speech.

How about the man who said "Let's roll" before storming the cockpit of an airplane occupied by terrorists to stop another target from being hit on September 11th, 2001? How about the SOLDIERS who killed Osama Bin Laden? 

How about missionaries risking their lives in the middleast to tell Muslims the truth about Christ. How about Pastors in jail in Iran who REFUSE to recant their faith in Christ? 

You see, there ARE heroes, worthy of our admiration and who are worthy examples for us to follow. we just have to turn off our tv's and open our eyes. 

Above all, we have Christ, the most selfless, holy, perfect, wonderful, dedicated, sacred, loving example we could ever imagine. 

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