Saturday, May 4, 2013

Some Sacrificed to Moloch others to their own Sensitivities in both cases the children suffered

 I believe in forgiveness and mercy and love and compassion.

But I believe some people's idea of love makes no sense.

For example, if you LOVE your wife, you will not only treat her 'nicely' but you will also provide for her and PROTECT her. 

If you love your child, not only will you say nice affectionate things and act nice to the child, but you will feed, provide for and protect your child from harm. 

IF I let my loved ones starve or be abused, hit, beat or murdered and did NOTHING about it-that would NOT be love. 

Since I love my family. I MUST keep a separation, a boundary between my family and anything or anyone that would harm them. If I did anything less than that, that would not be love. So don't tell me that I am not being 'loving' or 'tolerant' if I refuse to tolerate any behavior or presence that would be bad for my family. 

MY family is my FIRST responsibility as a man. In my life, I also have other responsibilities. My family such as my parents and brothers and nieces and nephews etc, we all help one another out, support each other emotionally, pray for each other, encourage each other etc. But BEFORE I try and be there for them, I FIRST must be there for my OWN wife and child. Thankfully, my parents, brothers etc, know this, believe this and respect this and do the same thing themselves. 

But some misguided, confused, perhaps even demented people-think that we should put other people's sensitivities, bad behavior, and toxicity in the place of "Tolerance" and just show the 'love of God' at the EXPENSE of our own families. 

I say that is not love at all.

Some people are easiest to love from a distance. If your behavior is destructive, toxic, dangerous, unhealthy; I will pray for you, I will be courteous to you. I would help you if you were in danger or hungry or destitute, but I will NOT welcome you in my home or let you have influence in my family by God's grace. I will not HATE my own family so that I can claim to love you. 

NOTHING would please me more than to see lost people saved, hurting hearts healed, sinners repent, destructive people reconciled and changed, but I cannot force that to happen. I cannot fix anyone. And being complicit or tolerant of inexcusable behavior never helped anyone. 

Lord, help me to beware of dogs and not to cast my pearls before swine. Give me the courage to protect my family and live up to my convictions. Amen.