Thursday, July 11, 2013


The words holy, saint and sanctified all come from the same root word in the Greek. This should help us understand more about the definition of each words as these synonyms help define each other. To be holy is to be set apart to God's purpose and presence, to be sacred, to be separated for a specific use. To be special, to be different, to be honored, to be unchanged and unpolluted by the world..

If a 'place' is called Holy-it is considered a place that is 'different' from other places, set apart and it is treated with a certain amount of respect, and dignity. it is taken care of carefully,kept clean and not desecrated....

For the saint, or holy one to be holy number 1, he/she is anointed by the presence of the HOLY One, the Spirit of God. His presence in our body makes our body a Temple indeed. Which means our minds and hearts should be kept with the same zeal and reverence as you would have for the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Jerusalem! Would that mean a change in lifestyle and actions? Yes, it surely would!

I have hated 'legalism' and religiosity so much for so long because I have seen the dead formalism and the vile self-righteousness that it creates. I NEVER want to be a legalist. Or make up my own religious rules. I hate man's religion. And I know God is not impressed with our self-righteousness. But can we not acknowledge, that while using grace and liberty as an excuse we have often forsaken and neglected true holiness, consecration, dedication and sanctification in our lives?


Why? Because on one side we have rules-based legalism which breeds ARROGANCE and on the other side we have profane, lascivious liberalism in the name of grace.

And everyone wants to "fix' it by setting the other straight. we don't need to set each other straight, we need TRUE humility, and repentance and prayer because unless we YIELD to God and let the SPIRIT of Christ FILL us-we will not have life.

No matter how much true doctrine you have in letter, and black and white---without the Spirit you can do NOTHING. It is the Lord that builds the house. We are most of us living without the filling of the Holy Ghost. That's our problem, plain and simple, and until we humble ourselves and yield up to Him in sincerity, we will not be can't take a Do-More pill and earn His presence, you can't live sinfully and hope your 'liberty' gets you filled, no, you have to humble yourself to God and ask Him to do the work of His Spirit.
Draw night to God and He will draw night to you.

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