Sunday, July 21, 2013

Holy Holy Holy

the first name of the 3rd Person of the Trinity is Holy.

I have been learning a lot about grace for the past couple years, praise God, but now I am beginning to learn something about Holiness. And it is eye-opening.

My heart is breaking, hurting, sorrowing. My eyes are opening. How I have longed for the presence of God and wondered where His glory was hiding-when it was the unholy pollutions of the world and flesh that I had allowed to fill my heart and mind that had hidden Him.

Have you considered that the opinions, trends, fads, philosophies of the world have been pressuring us so much to conform that we have allowed them to bully us right out of our communion with God? We can't expect to be popular in the world And in agreement with God. God is holy therefore He is unchangable and immutable-He does not change with the opinions of the world. WE are thinking and acting and living by the ideas and desires of the world/flesh AND expecting to fulfill the will of God. It is impossible.

God, give me the grace to live holy in this crooked and perverse generation.Please fill me with Your presence.

God help us. Bring us to true repentance and revive us. In Jesus' name I pray Lord GOD, Amen.

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