Saturday, July 20, 2013

the Temple of the Holy Ghost

 Jesus is knocking on the door, Word says He stands at the door and knocks.

So what is this Christian life anyways, what is That Way the book of Acts talks about?

Well, Paul says it's when one is crucified with Christ and instead of them living-it is actually Christ living in them by faith in Him. 

So if the door is closed, and Jesus aint welcome. That isn't Christianity. So a LOT of American religion is nothing more than a cheap imitation because Christ is not only not the center, but not the basis of it all. Christ isn't even supposed to be the center, He is supposed to be the entire circumferance...He is all in all. SO to live the Christian life is to be filled with the Spirit of Christ. Open up the door. Come on in Jesus, my house is Your house, my body is Your body. I am Your Temple. Amen. 

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