Monday, August 26, 2013

Perspective on a Wicked Culture

 You ever consider what it would be like to live as a Christian in Corinth? Or to be one of the Christians living in the Roman Empire at the time when they were putting Christians to death for refusing to burn incense to the emperor? New Testament Christians lived in a time of many gods, much paganism, surrounded by occultic practices and sorcery and idol-worship. They had to be careful to refuse these evil influences and remain faithful to Christ.

If we were to look at a Christian in one of those cities in the New Testament, we would expect them NOT to take the local idols and unholy practices into their homes. We would be shocked if one of the people who Paul addressed his Epistles to was involved in the heathenism and idolatry of the wicked, pagan cultures that they lived in! 

Now here is the jump-----We Live In a wicked, pagan, idol and demon-infested Nation in these last days! And as Christians, we are not to partake or participate or be polluted by the evil influences and practices surrounding us. 

There are just as many, if not more, idols and unclean spirits in the country we are living in as there would be in the pagan societies that Christianity's earliest converts lived in. 

For some strange reason, we think that because we have re-labelled things, called them by different names, and categorized them differently, that something has changed but Nothing is new under the sun.

Let me try and spell this out.......We have re-named paganism and we now call it "Entertainment."  We now call idol-worship "Recreation." 

Talk about witchcraft---we turn on a little box in our homes and allow it IN OUR OWN CHRISTIAN SANCTUARY to swear at us, display and talk filthy and blaspheme and curse God and take His name in vain. 

We turn on another little box and let it play drums and chants that are exactly the same as the pagan beats that were used in the past to bring people into trances & call on evil spirits.             

I went to read the news today to hear about what is going on in Syria and was repeatedly confronted by advertisements, comments and pictures concerning the vile, immoral 'entertainment' performance by Miley Cyrus. So, all day long, millions of people have been repeatedly exposed to the immoral activity of one young lady through all different repetitive forms of media. How sad and how unprecedentedly evil. Hundreds of years ago an immoral act happened once, but now-with the help of media it is played over and over and over again so that scores of other people can partake in the sin. 

Let me say, I have ZERO interest in seeing what kind of foolish things Miley Cyrus or any other out of control celebrity is doing. I do pity her and pray that she gets saved. But I can't help but wonder how many people who have talked about her, gossiped about her and even ranted about her lack of morals, also took the time to stop and look at the pictures and footage...........hmmm. well guess what? If you did, you defiled YOURSELF too. 

Somehow we just seem to have forgotten that we can be defiled. You wouldn't draw pentagrams all over your walls or build an altar to some guru but yet you allow nakedness, perversion, cursing, idolatry and all sorts of other abominations and unclean things into your home and into your heart through the gates of your eyes! 

How can we be filled with the Holy Ghost if we are too full of the filth of the world? 

This is not legalism. This is perspective, which we have lost. We think as Americans we are somehow different and immune from the exact same battle that all of our forefathers had to face in EVERY culture and nation in which they lived. 

Wake Up! Wake up to WHERE we are. USA, 2013 is a Country that is over-run with immorality, abominations and foul spirits. So you have to be sober and vigilant if you want to stay clean and have victory! We aren't in Heaven yet folk, we are in Babylon, we are in Corinth, we are in Egypt, we are not in Heaven. and the 'entertainment' altar that these heathens worship at should not have a place in our lives! 

God help us!