Saturday, September 14, 2013

Christ Transcends Culture

 There are a thousand years of Irish ancestors who would be ashamed of me because I have rejected the Catholic faith even though I believe in Jesus Christ. But I don't let that bother me for a second, my identity is not found in my Celtic blood or even in my American citizenship but in the Lord Jesus Christ who I am crucified with and risen in His likeness. I am one with Christ. I am indwelt by the Spirit of Christ. 

But though I understand that much, and though I identify with God and am fiercely loyal to the Good Book before any other philosophy or opinion of man, I have often found that without realizing it, I have adopted and adapted myself to ideas and pressures from my the culture and peers I am surrounded with. And the truth of God's Word is completely untouched and untainted and unaffected by the opinions, fads and trends of man. 

How many things that we find acceptable in our culture because they have been accepted that would in fact be considered and are considered abominable according to Scripture. 

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He does not change who He is or what is right and wrong according to the opinions and popularities of mankind and culture. 

There is so much wisdom that we miss out on because we are blinded by our own cultures, our own background and our own habits and we do not/will not take a step back and examine our lives through the objective eyes of the Scripture and the Spirit of God. 

Some Asians think they have to be Buddhist, some Natives think they have to be Longhouse, some Europeans think they have to be Catholics, some Southern Americans are convinced they are born 'saved' but the fact is ALL of us have to embrace the truth of Jesus Christ regardless of our background. Jesus is not the God of the white man, or the God of the Jews, or the God of westerners, or easterners, He is GOD. 

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