Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Road To Apostasy

 The PRESSURE put on Christians who desire Holiness to conform to the contemporary Church is really something. It's a form of godliness that denies the power thereof. It's a bunch religious platitudes dressing up a religion of worldliness and carnality and popularity and sensationalism. 

It's a Church service where people may often use the term "Spirit" yet the Holy Ghost never leads them to go ONE MINUTE over their allotted time. The Holy Ghost doesn't seem to convict very much or cause change or rock the boat? 

A Preacher is not only not ALLOWED to raise his voice or offend the sensibilities of the sensitive congregants but he can't even name a single sin or do his God-given duty without being persecuted. Are we not supposed to be BIBLE -BELIEVERS?

Popular Contemporary American Christianity does not seem to measure up against BIBLE Christianity. DO you think the Apostle Paul was a rock-star, dressed in the latest trendy garb of the area and that he would rely on technology and stage-presence to convey the message of the Gospel? 

Contemporary Christians seem to feel they are so evolved and enlightened that they understand things that the old-time religion just didn't get. But what are the RESULTS? The old time religion brought about 2 great awakenings, prohibition, the Constitution, worldwide missions, families healed and reconciled, crime rates dropping etc. Has the new-fangled religion done any of that? When Billy Sunday came to town there were bars and saloons that went out of business! When D. L. Moody came to town, there were catholic clergy shaking in their there any such impact when Joel Osteen comes to town....his people will attend his service AND attend the local bars....the fruit isn't there. But oh the attendance is there so they must be right!? 

Everybody just GUSHES about the 'worship' but where there is worship there is devotion and love and since you can't say ONE single word of instruction or rebuke to these folks and find repentance, on the contrary they get offended, seems to me that no matter how jealously and passionately and nastily that they defend it-it is false fire. 

If this form of Christianity can't even take a loving rebuke or instruction from a man of God, how on earth could it be equal with the Christianity of the folks in the book of Acts who faced savage persecution and tribulation? If we cannot SUFFER through a long CHurch service how on earth can we suffer through tribulation? 

If WORSHIp was nothing more than a 7/11 song that repeats itself over and over than why did the folks in Israel have to worship through SACRIFICE and giving and devotion? This NEW faith is shallow, carnal, worldly, physical and full of false promises and fake smiles. 

Elijah wasn't popular. Jeremiah wasn't popular. John the Baptist wasn't popular with King Herod. Billy Sunday wasn't very popular with the liquor crowd. But we think if a preacher isn't popular with God's ENEMIES> that he is out of the will of God and needs to grow out of his old school fundamentalist ways> 

I lack the words to express my feelings on this subject. The more that I walk with God, the more I see His holiness and that I do not love Him enough, yet I see a huge host of my brethren that seem to think we need to TONE IT DOWN a notch?!?!?!?! Tone it down? We have toned things down quite enough folks. If the contemporary Church tones it down any further they'll have no message LEFT! 

I am absolutely convinced that this NIV toting, a-doctrinal, holiness-hating, unscrupulous 'church' will end up accepting the antichrist because they have no love for the truth. they love popularity. they love psychology, they love money, they love shiny suits and recognition and being trendy, but the love of the Lord Jesus Christ and reverence for God and His Word seems to be lost. 

And in this pursuit of popularity and keeping up with the new times---this evangelical train-wreck should not be too surprised when one day, like her mother-the catholic church, their leaders, as the 'pope' just did will also declare that folks who don't even BELIEVE in Jesus Christ will go to Heaven. 

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