Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fervent Prayer

 Back to the Basics 

The Church has seen some amazing works and miracles of God throughout her history, from the book of Acts on through many persecutions, revivals and awakenings and missionary activity. 

During these times, the Church did not have a lot of the physical trappings that we enjoy in modern times in Western Nations. They didn't have computers like the one I am typing on and they didn't have as many commentaries and books necessarily, and they didn't have a lot of the facilities and media than many have access to today. 

What kind of resources did they have? What kind of methods or education did they avail themselves of? 

In my own reading, and research on many of the old timers-it seems that there was almost nothing more emphasized and exercised in the man of God's life that Prayer. 

When you ask someone for counsel on something that weighs heavy on your heart and their answer is 'Pray more'  it is very easy to think...well, I already have......but if you take a look at the prayer lifestyles of people like David Brainerd, George Mueller, John R. Rice, Jonathan Edwards,...people like that, not to mention the Apostles and Christ Himself-what we think is a lot of hearty prayer may not be as much in quality or quantity as we have previously estimated.  

When it comes to "Getting Back to the Basics" Prayer comes to my mind first. There are other fundamentals too, but for today I'm just going to meditate on my prayer life.